My Work Uniform

My least favorite part of mornings is picking out an appropriate yet comfortable outfit. While beauty and fashion have always come naturally to Mil, I struggle to match tops with bottoms. I can’t seem to figure out how to tuck shirts into skirts without getting them twisted and bunchy. I’m also five feet tall, so all of my pants and blazers need to be tailored, which is just annoying. So several years ago I developed an easy strategy to getting work ready in minutes. DRESSES. Wearing dresses eliminates the need to match top to bottoms, and it’s easier to get away with wearing a dress that’s maybe an inch or two too long. Dresses are like the sweatpants of work wear: easy, comfortable and stress-free. Below are a few of my current favorites.

XOXO, Jules


My Work Uniform

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  1. I’d like to agree with you that fashion has always come naturally to me…but I think some of the middle school photos in our early posts disprove that 😉

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