September Wish List

Now that autumn is almost officially upon us, I’m facing the annual dilemma of transitioning my summer wardrobe into fall. It’s always a challenge, since my severe predilection toward summer means that 70% of my clothing can really only be worn 20% of the year. (Not super practical, I know. Mock me at will.) This month, my goal is to start blending light and airy summer fabrics with richer, more autumn-appropriate textures, while gradually mixing in deep jewel tones like emerald and burgundy. I’m also feeling a bit bohemian right now; layered necklaces, suede booties and romantic shades of peach and pale pink are calling my name.

Below are a few of the items on my September wish list. What are you guys shopping for this month?

September Wish List

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  1. I love the warm weather above any other season, too, and to keep wearing my summer dresses I layer them with sweaters and tights. Then it looks like I’m wearing a really cute skirt with a sweater.

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