Friday Favorites

Lately on weekends I’ve found myself gravitating towards curling up on our overstuffed couch with a book and something deliciously carby. I’m an introvert with an incredibly social job that requires me to be friendly and accommodating all day long, so after work and on the weekends I need plenty of alone time to recharge from the work week. As I get older, I seem to need more and more of this time. Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it’s fun, relaxing, and just what you need.

Here are my Friday Favorites to cap off the week:


1. Lena Dunham’s much anticipated book, Not That Kind of Girl, came out this past Wednesday. While I don’t find her show, Girls, particularly compelling, I do admire her as a smart and sassy female young professional. Maybe Mil and I will choose it for one of our book club reads. Hint hint…

2. The blog, Humans of New York, just wrapped up their world tour in partnership with the United Nations. I’ve loved reading snippets of stories from all over the world. Beware, some of the entries will break your heart.

3. I have a handle of whiskey that’s been sitting around on our bar for months. To start using it up, I’m thinking about making this for dinner this weekend. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

4. Next week, I have three lady bloggers coming to town for a visit. I’m so excited to spend the weekend hanging out with new friends. Here’s who’s coming: Glitz n Grits, Ten Feet Off Beale, and Instead of the Dishes.

5. In high school, Mil and I went to a lot of plays together. Her family had season tickets to Village Theatre, and I frequently got to tag along. While I love where I live, I do miss the ability to easily go see a show. Having lived in New York, I’d love to see this with Mil.



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