Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, lovelies! Who has fun weekend plans? A friend of mine is hosting a black tie board game night tomorrow and I can’t wait to dress to the nines and play some Cards Against Humanity. High-class fashion and lowbrow humor are an excellent combo, don’t you think?

Here are some of my favorites from this week to keep you entertained ’til the weekend begins…

friday faves 10.10.14

1. This comparison of east coast vs. west coast workout fads is (almost) enough to inspire me to go exercise! It seems like everyone in Seattle is really into Pure Barre right now…what’s the latest fitness craze where you live? (

2. Glamour’s annual salary survey is a really interesting look at what ladies are making in various industries at different stages in their careers. (

3. Check out these 17 insanely beautiful places in nature. Now please excuse me while I make some additions to my travel bucket list. (

4. The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, and this itinerary of the show’s filming locations has me itching to hit the road (and hunt some walkers). Grab your machetes and meet me in Atlanta! (

5. Some benevolent soul has compiled a list of places to meet your nerdy soulmate in NYC! I love it. Now who’s going to make one for Seattle? (

Have a wonderful weekend!

♥ Mil

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