Party Season Survival Guide

Guess what, you guys? The holidays are on the horizon, and that means invitations and Evites aplenty will soon be flooding our mailboxes! November and December are always jam-packed with parties, work events and family gatherings, and it can get a little overwhelming even if you love having a fully loaded social calendar (which I definitely do). But never fear, I’ve assembled a few of my must-haves for maneuvering through party season in style.

Party Season Essentials


One / two / three / four / five / six / seven /

eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen

The most important thing you’ll need, in my humble opinion, is some sparkle. It could take the form of a sequined skirt, some glitzy earrings, or metallic nail polish–possibly all three!–but sparkle is mandatory. Other necessities are a versatile clutch (gold will go with everything), some glamorous footwear (how gorgeous are those black heels?), and makeup to help you create your perfect party look (you can’t go wrong with a shimmering smokey eye and red lip). Last of all, you’ll need an arsenal of thoughtful hostess gifts. A bottle of St-Germain is a classy alternative to the bottles of wine everyone else will bring; everybody loves a glassybaby; festive coasters are both pretty and practical; and a set of Spanish toast shot glasses is fun and refreshingly original…plus, they’re a great excuse to raise a toast!

How are you getting ready for party season?

♥ Mil

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    • Thanks, Karen! I think I feel a shopping spree coming on myself…my city is already putting up Christmas decorations and it’s hard not to get excited! The Naked 3 is actually the only Naked palette I don’t have, but I love the other two and I’m sure this one is just as fabulous…I’m sure it will eventually find its way into my collection 😉

      • So welcome Amelia 🙂 I know the feeling, I’m already spotting selection boxes and it’s only the beginning of November *rolls eyes* Oooh I’d love the naked 3 palette too, they’re all beautiful! Maybe Santa will bring a few Urban Decay goodies for us both hehe 😀 x

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