20 Questions

For those of you who don’t actually know us in real life (or only know one of us), I thought it might be fun for us to answer some questions about ourselves! Think of them as icebreakers for the blogosphere. So without further ado…

20 Questions with Mil & Jules!

20 questions

1. Default coffee order?

Jules (J): Extra hot soy latte

Mil (M): Triple shot nonfat vanilla latte

2. Dream job?

J: Café owner.

M: Beauty editor/makeup artist. Backup dream: cheese babysitter.

3. Last thing you added to your Netflix queue?

J: The Good Wife.

M: The Walking Dead–I just binge watched Season 4 as a refresher before the Season 5 premiere. Full disclosure: I also rewatched Seasons 1-3. Yep, I may have a problem.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Source: Entertainment Weekly

4. College major?

J: Business Administration (Finance Concentration), Teaching Special Education

M: Classics (basically this means Latin, Greek, and a bunch of Ancient History & Literature)

5. Dream city to live in?

J: I would love to live in a lot of different cities. After our recent trip, I’m currently dreaming about moving to a small village in Ireland or Scotland.

M: Definitely somewhere sunny! I could see myself in La Jolla, California or Austin, Texas.

Sources: National Geographic and Harper's Bazaar

Sources: National Geographic and Harper’s Bazaar


6. Fave vacation spot?

J: Anywhere with a beach – I love Couples Resorts.

M: Greece. So, so beautiful and the food is incomparable!

7. Flats or heels?

J: Flats! I can barely walk in heels.

M: For everyday, flats. For parties, heels!

8. What three things are always in your fridge no matter what?

J: Eggs, salad greens, and Diet Coke.

M: Orange juice, champagne, and at least four kinds of cheese.

9. Girl crush? Boy crush?

J: I’m currently girl crushing on Mindy Kaling (my Indian soul mate) and Jennifer Lawrence. And I will always have a soft spot for Joshua Jackson (aka Pacey).

M: My girl crush is Blake Lively, style goddess and all-around flawless human being. My boy crush is Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick. He’s hilarious, and given our shared obsession with great tv, we’d never run out of stuff to talk about!

Sources: Zap2it and Entrepreneur

Sources: Zap2it and Entrepreneur


10. Never leave home without?

J: Well, I’m the worst about losing my keys, phone, and wallet – so there’s nothing I actually never leave home without. But, I’ll go with phone…or a hair tie.

M: I carry pretty much everything I could possibly need in my bag, but if we’re talking the bare minimum, it’s Fresh Sugar lip balm, a hairbrush and a bottle of water.

11. Go-to karaoke song?

J: I don’t do karaoke. I leave that to my opera singer husband.

M: Anything by Queen is my first impulse, unless it’s with my sister, in which case we do [what we imagine to be] a killer rendition of Defying Gravity from Wicked.


Pictured: Jules doing karaoke. It was a one-time thing.

Pictured: Jules doing karaoke. It was a one-time thing.


11. Book you’ve read more than once?

J: Lots! Whenever I’m depressed I reread Pride and Prejudice.

M: One of my all-time faves is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. I’ve actually gone through multiple copies after wearing them out/loaning them to people/leaving them on airplanes.

12. The perfect weekend would include…

J: A long, lazy breakfast, an 80 degree humidity-free day, a hike in the woods, and dinner at a new restaurant – either sushi or “New American”.

M: A bottomless mimosa brunch with my lady friends, a couple of hours getting pampered at the spa, a Sephora shopping spree and to finish, ordering in pizza and marathoning the Jurassic Park trilogy with my sister, Kate.

13. Favorite season?

J: My favorite season in Arkansas is fall. Our falls are wonderful – sunny and generally in the 60s-70s.

M: Nothing beats summer, especially in Seattle! Sunshine, beach days, boating, cute little sundresses…what more could you want?

14. Cake or pie?

J: Both? I love pie and even had a pie competition at my wedding. However, I also love a good sugary birthday cake or a slice of red velvet. Really, I just love anything with sugar!

M: Not that I would ever refuse cake OR pie, but I’m going to have to say pie in general, and cake for birthdays.

Source: Smitten Kitchen

Source: Smitten Kitchen

15. Call or text?

J: Text.

M: Call. I’m a big phone person. If you’re friends with me, there’s a good chance we’ve had a 3+ hour phone conversation at some point.

16. Gale or Peeta?

J: Gale until the last book, then Peeta.

M: Peeta, no contest! Sorry, Gale.

Source: Vanity Fair

Source: Vanity Fair


17. If you had to be on a reality show, which one would you pick?

J: Naked and Afraid…just kidding! I’d probably want to be on the Amazing Race.

M: House Hunters International or Say Yes to the Dress.

18. In the movie of your life, who would you cast in each other’s roles?

J: I think a young Meryl Streep or Isla Fisher would play Mil – obviously either would need to dye their hair – and Meryl Streep would have to travel back in time.

M: Wow, Meryl?? I am insanely flattered! For Jules, I think Ellen Page would do an excellent job of capturing her charm, sass and complexity.

Can somebody please make a movie where Ellen Page and Meryl Streep are best friends?

Can somebody please make a movie where Ellen Page and Meryl Streep are best friends?


20. What’s one of your favorite memories from your 17 years of friendship?

J: Our trip to Ashland, Oregon to visit the Shakespeare Festival.

M: When we were in college, Jules was on her way back to Seattle after studying abroad in Turkey and she had an overnight layover in Chicago, where I lived. I went to O’Hare to hang out with her and we had a blast in the (mostly empty) airport overnight. Drinks at the airport bar, taking hilarious pictures, watching Pride and Prejudice at 2 am on her laptop in an abandoned hallway of the airport Hilton…good times! She flew out super early the next morning and I took the day off work to sleep. That’s how we do.

At the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, circa 8th grade

At the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, circa 8th grade


Ask us anything else you want in the comments!

♥ Mil & Jules


5 responses

  1. What do you mean, “what we imagine to be??” We rock that jam. Aw, good times at the Shakespeare Festival. I can’t believe you guys actually posted that awesome tweeny picture. Hilarity in its highest form. Amelia – 1. Your makeup looks awesome in that pic! Tutorial, please. 2. We can have that perfect weekend in 44 SHORT DAYS! Jules – I am in full support of the Pacey love.

    • ha, I was trying to be modest, but you are right–obviously we give Idina Menzel a run for her money 😉 I cannot wait for you to come home!!! we will definitely make that perfect weekend happen…along with 12 other perfect days! get ready for spa-hopping, brunching and a movie marathon bonanza!!

  2. Mil, after you commented on my blog post I found myself browsing through your beautiful blog! You both have a beautiful friendship that I can only hope to find one day! I look forward to reading more!

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