Nesting 101: Art & Wall Decor

When I moved into my apartment, one of the very first things I did was unpack my framed photos and hang up any art I had that didn’t require a ladder. I find nesting extremely therapeutic; plus, adding personal touches is the quickest way to put your own signature stamp on a space and make a house feel more like a home. But when you’re moving into a new place and you’re faced with what seems like endless empty white walls, deciding what to do with them can be pretty daunting. These are a few of my favorite approaches.

statement art pieces

Sources: 1) One Kings Lane 2) Two Zero One 3) Elle Decor


The first and perhaps most dramatic method is to hang a statement art piece. It can be anything that captivates your attention, but since it needs to be pretty large (we’re talking the focal point of a room) you should make sure it’s something you adore and won’t get tired of looking at. Also, make sure it complements your furniture–unless you’re into power clashing, in which case, rock on!


Sources: 1) Design Sponge 2) The Creativity Exchange 3) The Everygirl

Sources: 1) Design Sponge 2) The Creativity Exchange 3) The Everygirl


Another option is the gallery wall, beloved by Pinterest users the world over (including yours truly). This is an excellent choice for the indecisive, for anyone who craves variety, or for art hoarders who aren’t quite sure what to do with all their loot. There are so many ways to put a gallery wall together: you can create a theme (travel, a specific color scheme) or you can get crazy and include an assortment of pieces in different sizes, colors and mediums. The latter is a little more fun, if you ask me!


Sources: 1) PopSugar 2) Marissa Waddell Interiors 3) Decor Pad 4) Interior Homescapes

Sources: 1) PopSugar 2) Marissa Waddell Interiors 3) Interior Homescapes 4) Decor Pad


Another possibility is to decorate with mirrors. This is a simple, elegant option and a super easy way to make a room appear much bigger than it is. Whether you’re a minimalist or a lover of all things gilded and glamorous, there’s a mirror out there that will jive perfectly with your decorating style.

Ready for some art shopping but not sure where to start? I love Society6 for uber-affordable framed artwork; Etsy is the best for unique, handmade pieces and funky quote prints; One Kings Lane is my go-to for more ornate and vintage items; and Limewall is a fabulous place to score beautiful travel and scenic photography. Still in need of inspiration? Check out some of my fave picks below!


Art & Wall Decor



What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your space? Where do you like to shop for art? Share your secrets in the comments!

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  1. I agree with you. I have moved close to 30 times in the last 12 years! My secret to settle is hang up pictures as soon as possible. I pack out all my favourite décor items and try to pack out all the boxes as a matter of urgency. Moving can be very disruptive especially at the frequency we do. Thus the sooner we settle, the better!

    • Oh wow, that is a LOT of moves! That must be so stressful. But you’re right, nesting right away has got to make the process a little easier 🙂

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