Holiday Gift Guide: The Glamour Girl

I can’t fight it anymore, you guys. Christmas is coming and it cannot be stopped! I’ve made an executive decision to let myself get swept up in the excitement. I started my holiday shopping this weekend (and by the looks of the mall parking lot, so did everyone else) and I’m now in full shopping mode. So in case you’re feeling similarly motivated, here is the first in my series of holiday gift guides: gift ideas for that glamorous girl in your life. This is for the lady who loves anything that sparkles, has a weakness for leopard print and never leaves the house without lipstick.


Holiday Gift Guide: The Glamour Girl



1. The glam girl bible; this book offers wit and wisdom from the #1 authority on elegance, Coco Chanel.

2. Sparkles and two shades of red? This pretty little set is a glamour double-whammy.

3 & 4. A Diptyque candle and leopard-print matchbox would be welcome additions to any stylish lady’s home.

5. These art deco-inspired headphones and matching earrings absolutely ooze glamour.

6. This velvet kitty sleep mask is equally adorable and luxe.

7. A cute little tray for random bits and baubles wouldn’t go amiss.

8. A faux fur infinity scarf is reminiscent of wintry opulence à la Doctor Zhivago.

9. This girly mug would make anyone smile. Who doesn’t enjoy a compliment first thing in the morning?

10. Metallic shearling slippers are a cozy, chic way to ward off the winter chill.

11. Fresh Sugar lip balm is the best. The BEST. This little trio is the perfect stocking stuffer.

12. Gold makeup brushes in a gorgeous display stand would be the crowning glory of any glam girl’s vanity.

13. This whimsical desk calendar is a slam-dunk for the beauty-obsessed girl on your list.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

♥ Mil

13 responses

    • Aren’t they gorgeous?? I love making gifts too, but I usually have tons of ideas and not enough time to do them…good luck with yours my dear! 🙂

    • I know, I feel the same way even though Christmas is still pretty far off 😉 And thank you so much for the follow, Millie! I’m so happy that you’re enjoying it. I love your blog too!

  1. I only fit 1/3 glam girl requirements, but these are all super adorable! Thanks for the ideas/your very detailed wishlist. 😉

    • Oh sure, you could definitely rock it! That scarf is def on my wish list too. And yes, we may be getting a bit carried away with the smiley faces…we are just a very smiley bunch, it seems!

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