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Happy Friday, one and all! What’s going on this weekend? Tonight I’m seeing the new Hunger Games at a theater that brings you food and cocktails throughout the movie, and I could not be more excited. Tomorrow I’m attending a launch party for a friend’s new business, and I’m looking forward to celebrating with her and catching up with some ladies I haven’t seen in far too long. That means my Sunday is reserved for lounging around the house, and maaaaybe doing some Thanksgiving shopping and prep if I’m feeling proactive. (How is it possible that November has flown by when this week has passed so slowly?)

Anyway, here are some awesome links to distract you while you wait for the sweet release of the weekend. Enjoy!

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1. Does seasonal affective disorder have you feeling wanderlusty? Check out these 12 countries you can visit for less than $50 a day. (

2. This article delves into the prevalence of archaeologists working as spies during WWI. Two of the coolest professions combined! (

3. Step aside, pumpkin spice latte, the bacon spice latte is here. (

4. An Australian television host wore the same suit on air every day for a year to prove a point about the harsh criticism his female co-host receives from the public; no one noticed he was wearing the same outfit all year. Point well made, sir. (

5. The Shedd Aquarium recently took in a tiny, abandoned sea otter pup who is now learning how to swim and basically how to be an otter. WARNING: her cuteness may be too much to handle. (

Have a wonderful weekend!

♥ Mil

4 responses

  1. Food and cocktails during the Hunger Games? Are you going for a (literally) delicious irony Amelia? Out of respect to Catniss and her kin I’m not even going to munch on popcorn when I watch the film. I might not eat any popcorn during the film, but I wouldn’t turn down a bacon latte! Bacon goes with anything, and it can’t be any worse than just the taste of coffee! Thanks for the information and thanks for consistently reading all the articles I post.

    • oh man….that’s a solid point, Darren. I would feel worse about it, but their truffle butter popcorn was just too tasty to resist! and perhaps we can concoct some bacon spice lattes over Christmas 😉

      PS you’ll have to let me know what you think of the movie when you see it!

    • It was good, Tina! I was a little worried since the third one is my least favorite of the books, but I really enjoyed the movie. And I know, I can’t believe nobody noticed that guy’s repeated outfits. Craziness!!

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