Happy Thanksgiving & Holiday Gift Guide: The Jetsetter

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends! We hope you’re having a lovely long weekend, celebrating with your loved ones and enjoying copious amounts of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. I’m cohosting dinner with my mom, and I’m thankful and excited to have so many of my friends (both old and new!) join us this year.

Image via The Coveteur

Image via The Coveteur


I’m also excited to hit the Black Friday sales with one of my besties tomorrow! We’ll be diving headfirst into shopping madness after a leisurely breakfast and a generous round of mimosas. Yep, we’re in it to win it. For those of you who also plan to do some holiday shopping this weekend, allow me to present the next in our series of gift guides…gifts for the Jetsetter! This is for the person who’s always planning her next trip. You know the one…her passport is overflowing with stamps, her Facebook photos always incite severe vacation envy, and her bucket list is basically just a world atlas. (In my case, the most obvious example is my sister. She’s been literally everywhere. Kate, stop reading in case I decide to get you any of this stuff!)


Holiday Gift Guide: The Jetsetter


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1. These are the most hilarious language guides ever.

2. This book is basically travel porn for seasoned jetsetters and armchair travelers alike.

3. Chic stationery for the worldly girl who probably speaks at least a couple of foreign languages.

4. This adorable sleep mask is a must for red-eye flights.

5. These cute pouches will help separate damp bikinis from sandy flip flops.

6. A backup phone battery will come in handy for anyone who’s constantly on the move and far away from outlets.

7. These travel cases are durable, stylish and come in a rainbow of colors.

8. A travel-themed candle will remind her of her favorite trip or dream destination (options range from Chaingmai to Cairo)!

9. This lovely calendar will help feed her wanderlust in the rare instance that she’s at home and not traveling.

10. A gorgeous journal is the perfect place to jot down memories of her adventures.

11. A classy luggage tag is essential for the lady who’s always on her way to or from an airport.

12. Definitely a splurge, but she’ll take this timeless leather duffel on every trip for the rest of her life.

13. A box set of LUXE travel guides will delight anyone whose dream is to go everywhere and see everything.

Happy shopping! Let me know what amazing deals you score tomorrow!

♥ Mil

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