Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a busy week, and I’m looking forward to a leisurely weekend where my biggest challenge will be selecting a Christmas tree and wrestling it into my car. I may also step up my holiday shopping game, because even though it’s only the first week of December, I somehow feel slightly behind. I hope all of you have more exciting plans in store than I do! While you count down to the weekend, check out some of my favorite finds from this week…

friday faves 12.5.14

1. This is such a cute idea for a DIY hostess gift bundle! (

2. This Mean Girls-inspired doormat is so fetch. I must have it. (

3. Check out these 23 beauty products you didn’t know you needed. Dry conditioner, anyone? (

4. You need to read this definitive ranking of all the things under Stephen Colbert’s desk. (

5. A batch of this chocolate peanut butter fudge is suddenly all I can think about. Jules, please fly out here and eat this with me. (

Have a lovely weekend!

♥ Mil

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