Holiday Gift Guide: The Book Lover

As the daughter of two librarians, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for books. I spent my childhood frolicking amidst the library stacks, and Jules and I have passed many a happy afternoon shopping for books together. I created our latest gift guide with all of our fellow bibliophiles in mind. These are the perfect picks for the lady who never leaves home without something to read (i.e. the Rory Gilmore of your friend group). She’s never met a bookstore she didn’t like, she’d trade closet space for bookshelf space any day, and she’ll likely go to her grave arguing that the book was better than the movie. (Not surprisingly, this guide contains several books. #6 is on my personal wish list.)

Holiday Gift Guide: The Book Lover


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1. This stylish thermal coffee mug will help keep her caffeinated during frequent all-night reading sessions.

2. Texts From Jane Eyre imagines hilarious text conversations with beloved literary characters.

3. Any lit lover will get a kick out of these matchboxes featuring banned books.

4. This collection of postcards replicating vintage book covers is a great source of inspiration for what to read next (and who doesn’t love snail mail?).

5. She’ll love wandering the winding roads of her favorite stories with this book map.

6. This compilation of cocktails with a literary twist is perfect for your book club buddy who appreciates a well-crafted drink as much as a well-written novel.

7. Secret Lives of Great Authors combines history and absurdity; it’s a great choice for the friend who devours the classics and Us Weekly with equal vigor.

8. This notebook is for the girl who’s proud to have her brain turned by books.

9. A sassy tote bag is just what she’ll need to carry her latest haul home from the bookstore.

10. These candles are the perfect escape for book nerds; literary-inspired scents range from Winterfell to Sherlock’s study.

Happy shopping!

♥ Mil

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    • Thank you for the sweet comment, Mel! I’m so happy you like it! Making these gift guides is definitely a little selfish on my part, since I want pretty much everything in them for myself too 😉

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