Winter Nail Polish Pairings

I have a tiny bit of an obsession with nail polish. My collection is what I would call substantial, though others have kindly suggested that it’s out of control and borders on hoarding. I have bottles scattered all over my apartment…in the medicine cabinet, on my desk, stuffed in boxes on my bathroom shelves…there are even a few on my dining room table right now. (Hmm, I should probably tidy up in here.) When I was little, before I was allowed to wear makeup, nail polish was a creative outlet for me. It was the only beauty avenue I could explore (though admittedly I owned an illicit lipstick or two), and its allure was strong. Between the ages of nine and eleven I probably wore a different shade every other day. I played with crazy designs, patterns, and color combinations; often I’d get so excited to try out a new shade that I’d paint it on straight over the one I was already wearing.

Since then my tastes have matured a bit, but I still love experimenting with new colors, especially in complementary mani/pedi combinations. It’s easy to get into a nail polish rut (I love Ballet Slippers as much as the next girl), but trying new things is the spice of life. Or should I say trying new nail polish is the spice of life?

Here are a few of my favorite color pairings for winter. It doesn’t really matter which shade goes on your hands or your feet; these colors just look fabulous together!


Winter Nail Polish Pairings


1. Sultry emerald green & metallic rose gold

2. Smoky silver & shimmering plum

3. Moody oxblood & cool ice blue

4. Pale pink & deep, sparkling sapphire

5. Bold, glossy red & glittering gold

What are some of your favorite nail polish colors this season?

♥ Mil

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