N.Y.E. Ready Without Breaking the Bank

As y’all should know by now, dressing up is not really my thing. As far as I’m concerned, jeans and t-shirts are where it’s at. However, for some reason I love getting dressed up for New Year’s Eve. There is something exciting and magical about ringing in the new year. It’s a fresh start, a time for rethinking bad habits and boyfriends – and I don’t know about you, but I want to look good when I start off my year!

Of course the problem with dressing up is that pulling together a cute little outfit can get pricey, and I am cheap. Like REALLY cheap. At least half of my clothes are from thrift stores, and there was I time when I used to “shop” the lost and found. So along the way I’ve learned a trick or two about how to dress things up without breaking the bank. Here is my recipe for an affordable and easy New Year’s Eve outfit.

Start with a Little Black Dress (LBD). One trick I’ve learned is that you can pull off an inexpensive LBD better than a colored or patterned dress. Black always looks classy, no matter if you spent $200 or $20 on your outfit. On the other hand, I can usually spot a cheap-o patterned dress – there’s just something about the shade of color and the slightly knocked off design that is a dead giveaway. Below are some of my picks, all under $75.

N.Y.E. Ready Without Breaking the Bank

 Love Ady white gold dress / Weston Wear black crew neck dress / Tart striped sleeveless dress / Short party dress / Black scalloped dress / Merona dress

Of course the only problem with wearing black, is that you can easily fade into the background or look a little too prim and proper. New Years Eve is about flash and fun! Adding a statement necklace will give you a little pop of color and shine to get you party ready. These days, it’s easy to find bold statement necklaces for under $25. It’s worth spending the money on a really nice classic piece, but for this sort of thing save your paycheck and hit up sites like Bauble Bar or Nordstrom Rack. Here are some ideas for affordable and fun statement necklaces.

Statement Necklaces

Stone necklace / Chunky stone necklace / Topshop red jewelry / Natasha Accessories bib statement necklace / Jeweliq pink jewelry / Missguided gold necklace / Gold necklace

My last tip and my reason for writing this post before Christmas, is that some of the best sales of the year are after Christmas, especially if you’re looking for clothing or accessories. Often the discounts are even better than on Black Friday. So sneak out on the 26th or 27th, while the rest of the family is napping, and hit up those sales. You and your wardrobe won’t be disappointed.

Do you dress up for New Year’s Eve? What is your go-to outfit?


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  1. You can never go wrong with black! Incidentally, it is my go-to dress up colour on New Year’s Eve. Lovely tips and I adore your dress choices too! 🙂

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