Saying Goodbye

Today we are packing our final boxes, loading the doggies into the back of our SUV, and hitting the open road. Leaving Helena is one of the hardest things I have done in my life to date. With every move it’s difficult to leave good friends behind, but with this move I’m not only leaving friends, I’m also leaving family.

It is incredibly hard to find friends with whom you can totally let everything go: they don’t care how you look, what you need to vent about, or if you want to be ruthlessly gossipy for just a minute or two. You can trust in their support no matter how many weeks may go by without a phone call or lunch date. This is how I feel about Mil and all my other bridesmaids, and now it’s how I feel about several of our friends here.

This summer I had some medical complications that really turned my life on its head. Because my best friends are all over the country, I reached out to my four closest “lady” friends here and received the love and support I needed to move forward. They helped drive me to doctors appointments, checked in with me daily, and basically were the best.

The hardest part of this move is saying goodbye to my Helena family. I know I’ve talked a lot about how much I love the people here, and while it may be repetitious, I mean it every time. While I know I will see everyone again, it just won’t be the same.

As a small way of saying goodbye, I wanted to share a few of my favorites memories from the past few years. It’s a little self-indulgent, so humor me!






2013-05-25 12.24.32

2012-11-04 13.56.27




Sonny and Cher 2



Even though I’m moving back to the Pacific Northwest, part of me will always be a southern girl!


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  1. Love you, Julia! Your leaving is hard for many of us, but you know that you always have a place here if you ever need to come. I have loved every minute we have spent together, even those hard times. Take care of yourself, be your advocate, and enjoy life. Love you!

  2. What!!! Moving back this way! Somebody you know lives in NorCal. If y’all happen to be passing by Malcolm and I would love to see y’all!

  3. Sad to see you and Nick leave and know that y’all will be missed more than you know. Have a wonderful life in the Pacific Northwest…’s all part of God’s country too and I love it up there. Many years to you!

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