Fabulous Flats Under $50

My friends, I am in something of a shoe rut. With winter in full swing, comfort is now my top priority; despite the ludicrously vast array of shoes in my closet, I find myself wearing either my trusty leather moto boots or my gold ballet flats pretty much every day. It’s becoming a problem. To force myself to consider other shoe options, I hunted the vast reaches of the internet in search of inspiration. From Asos to ModCloth to DSW, here are some of the cutest flats I could find–and amazingly, all of them are under 50 bucks!

Flats Under $50


Clockwise from top: Asymmetric flats / Patent leather bow flats / Bronze flats / Laser-cut slippers / Suede bow flats / Navy ballet flats / Pony flats / Turquoise flats / Jeweled silver flats / Leopard slip-ons / Burgundy ballet flats / Cobalt smoking slippers

What about you guys? Is anyone else experiencing sartorial stagnation this season? More importantly, where’s your favorite place to find great deals on shoes? Pay it forward and share your secrets in the comments!

♥ Mil

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    • Thanks for the comment, Mel! I love heels too…but I usually wimp out and wear flats if I’m going to be walking very far that day 😉

  1. I must admit I live in flats – though I can’t wear a pointed toe, just the little rounded ones. They’re sooo comfy! Great post Mil 😀 xo

    • Agreed, they are the best! Such a closet staple 🙂 Personally I have a weakness for pointed toe flats…the problem with them is they usually feel super comfy at first but hurt your toes after a couple of hours! But I never learn…

      • Oh Mil the pointed toe flats are beaut but they kill me 😦 I have such ridiculously pain opposed tootsies – they have no pain threshold at all lol Well done you for persevering with them – I guess I’ll have to just admire from afar 😀 X

      • You are the smart one, Karen! My feet hate me for it…that’s why I’ve been wearing my comfy ballet flats so much lately 🙂

      • Haaa at least you’re oozing style huni 😉 Good though you’re giving them a much needed break with your wee comfy flats! You don’t ever want to see my wee snug grandma slippers Mil *rolls eyes* Oooh I love my comfort – it’s becoming shameful really!! lol X

      • Ha! I’m only ever “oozing style” for very brief windows of time, Karen…the very second I get home from anywhere, I put on PJ bottoms and slippers! Embrace the grandma slippers, I say 😉

  2. I love these options! Ballet flats always look good with an outfit. 🙂
    I also get stuck in shoe ruts. I practically live in a pair of sandals I bought recently at the moment. Maybe I never wore any shoes before I actually bought them since I can’t bring myself to wear much else at the moment.
    These are beautiful choices. Lovely post! 😀

    • Haha I so know what you mean! I’m having trouble remembering what I wore before my current two favorite pairs of shoes came into my life 😉 Thanks for the sweet comment, Nadine!

  3. I love flats and did own a ton. My favorite ones are my gold Sam Edelman. They are super comfy. Unfortunately, I have tendonitis in my big toes and flats are a no, no. I’m suppose to wear shoes with a clog-like foot bed. So I recently got rid of a lot of my flats so I wouldn’t be tempted. I did keep the gold pair though and a pointy toe pair of Kate Spades.

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