Makeup Bag Roundup

In my mind, scoring a new makeup bag full of goodies is pretty much the grownup equivalent of getting a shiny new backpack and gear for the back-to-school season. Okay, so maybe I was just a huge nerd who loved shopping for school supplies. But I’m also a huge nerd who loves makeup, and there are few things more thrilling than the promise of a pretty new makeup bag and all that it contains. My friend Sully got me this one for Christmas, and I adore it. (Obviously she has great taste.)

As I gleefully loaded up my new bag with a level of enthusiasm rarely displayed outside of college internship interviews, I thought to myself, hey, you know who else would love a new makeup bag? Everyone! So I went on the hunt and found these adorable options for you all. (Shopping is how I show affection.) We’ve got cute little bags small enough to toss in your purse, pouches just big enough for your overnight essentials, and travel cases that will see you through an epic month-long adventure.

Makeup bag roundup


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten /

eleven / twelve / thirteen / fourteen / fifteen


Number 10 (“Inner beauty is for amateurs”) might be one of my faves. What about you?

ā™„ Mil

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    • Thanks, Karen! I agree, #14 is beautiful…that gorgeous leather! I definitely don’t need any more bags but I can’t help daydreaming…

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