On Attitudes and Big Girl Pants

I have a confession…I’ve been having a hard time keeping it positive these past few weeks.

While I am thrilled to be back in Seattle, moving to another city, and then into a new home, is stressful. I walk into our living room and can’t figure out which of our many boxes of books to start unpacking. Our kitchen is a nut house, so we’ve been surviving on frozen pizza (for Nick), and pre-packaged salads (for me). Our mattress is on the floor, waiting for us to construct the frame, along with the eight other pieces of furniture we decided we needed from Ikea.

I know it’s nonsensical, but when I feel overwhelmed, oftentimes my knee-jerk reaction is to crawl back under the covers and just pretend everything doesn’t exist. Does this mean I’m lazy?

I think part of the problem is that in many ways I feel purposeless. It’s hard to transition from a community where your work and your relationships mattered in a tangible way, to a big city where it doesn’t seem as though any one person can affect real change. You know, unless you’re a person like Elon Musk, or say Russell Wilson. Damn my parents for not signing me up for pee-wee football!

Of course it would help if my burning desire to make my mark on the world was something more realistic. It’s easy to feel like an unsuccessful loser with visions of Michelle Obama, Rebecca Kousky (founder of Nest), etc. floating through my head. With this in mind, I’ve started looking for specific ways I can get involved in my new neighborhood. There are several independent arts organizations in walking distance that look promising, as well as a nearby church that runs a food bank and women’s shelter. Nothing changes an attitude quicker than realizing that your life is freaking peaches and cream compared to so many others.

While in reality my current attitude is certainly not all sunshine and positivity, I’m trying to fake it until I can make it a reality. I never used to like inspirational quotes, but in the past year this has begun to change. Sappiness increases with age, I suppose. One of my favorite quotes as of recent is from John C. Maxwell, who falls into the category of “inspirational speaker.”

“The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.”  

I guess I’d better slap on a smile, pull on my big girl pants, and grow up. (That’s my inspirational quote of the day!)


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  1. First, Eleanor has definitely made that face before. Pouting is way cuter on a baby than an adult! Ha. Anyway, I totally hear you with this post! I definitely think it’s OK to crawl under the covers and feel overwhelmed sometimes. I let myself have ‘off days.’ Starting small by researching options for getting involved is such a good way to slowly ease out of that funk! Get it, girl. And call me if you want to talk about how hard it is to get out of a comfy bed… 😉

  2. Hi Jules! I’m so sorry that it’s been tough for you. It’s always hard adjusting to a different city but I’m sure those positive days will come soon! You should look into FareStart, it’s a restaurant in downtown Seattle that trains and helps the homeless so that they have a brighter future. I hear it’s rewarding and fun to volunteer there!


  3. Babe, this is not laziness. I have moved to totally anorher country when I was 19. Without family, friends. I know how hard it can get to change your life. But belive me, changes are sometimes good, and you will see that it will pay off. You will become stronger with every day. Take it one day at the time. Until than you can sleep on the floor, why not 🙂 Kiss, Mel

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