Organizing My Life!

I don’t know about you, but every time I move, I vow to be more organized. As I pack, I cull through my wardrobe, books, and stacks of old papers. Mil is amazing at organizing her life! Her clothes are arranged by color and type with all the hangers facing the same direction, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (Love you Mil).

My three big strategies for staying organized, or at least looking organized, are: hide it, hang it, or group it. Really all three are about designating a spot for everything and then making sure you stick with those designations. Easy to say, often harder to do. One thing that helps me stick with it is having attractive organizational tools that you want to use and like to look at.

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Hide it: When I buy furniture, I’m always looking for pieces with drawers and cubbies for tucking things out of sight. This modular storage unit (#3) and coffee table (#5), have plenty of spots for hiding remote controls and my extensive collection of miniature hotel soaps and lotions. I also love using cute boxes (#2), chests (#6), or vintage suitcases to store various items (read: junk).

Hang it: This is kind of obvious, but having plenty of hooks throughout the house prevents towels, clothing, and purses from ended up strewn across the floor or piled onto chairs. I love the idea of having a multi-functional station (#1) right as you walk in the door, to serve as a catch-all for coats, hats, mail, etc.

Group it: I don’t know about you, but I am always losing things! Pens, recipes I’ve clipped out of magazines, etc. It’s helpful for me to have containers designated for specific types of items. I’m currently doing some work from home as I search for jobs, and this desk set (#4) will be perfect for wrangling my office supplies. Now that we’re in Seattle, I’ve got to have a place for our umbrellas (#8) and all the interior decorating magazines I’ve been collecting for inspiration (#7).

We recently settled into our new home, and I’ll share some photos after I finish nesting and organizing. Full disclosure, it may take me a while to get things together.


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  1. I love the Found chest from One Kings Lane. That place is awesome. I had to stop visiting their site because I kept buying stuff. All your tips are great. Happy organizing! šŸ˜ƒ

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