Lip Service: How to Get a Perfect Pout

Winter can be rough on your skin, and that includes your lips. Despite carrying lip balm in every purse and every pants pocket, my lips still need a little extra attention from time to time. From scrubs to oils to salves, there’s a multitude of options for dealing with dry, chapped lips. Here are a few of my favorites (and one that I’d really like to try). Bring it on, winter!

Lip Service: How to Get a Perfect Pout


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1. I wasn’t aware lip masks existed until this little gem crossed my path! Bite Beauty Smashed Agave Lip Mask is a nourishing treat for your lips. Packed with lanolin, olive fruit and jojoba oil, it moisturizes as well as diminishes fine lines. Just a tiny bit will last all night, and leave you with a lovely wine-red tint.

2. This isn’t the first time I’ve sung the praises of Aquaphor, and it certainly won’t be the last. It’s my nightly go-to product for keeping my lips hydrated; I like to slather it on before bed and let it do its thing overnight. It’s free of fragrances and preservatives and it contains soothing shea butter plus vitamins C and E, so it’s great for sensitive skin.

3. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is a gentle, sweetly scented exfoliator that buffs away dry skin with brown sugar crystals and smooths with jojoba oil. It also leaves a bit of a residue behind, but that’s what helps to protect against moisture loss. Follow it up with lip balm (or Aquaphor!) to help seal in moisture even further.

4. Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub is like a cool, refreshing cocktail for your lips. Sweet castor sugar exfoliates and peppermint oil imparts a refreshing tingly sensation. Slightly grittier than Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, it’s a great way to keep lips kissably soft. Use it every other day and your pout will always be lipstick-ready.

5. I haven’t tried it yet, but Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil is on my beauty wish list. Formulated with 14 essential oils and many other lipid-rich plant oils, this decadent treatment does it all: it smooths and conditions lips, strengthens the moisture barrier, protects against the elements and relieves chapping. It’s a splurge, but fans swear it provides dramatic results instantly. I’m totally obsessed with the Hourglass brand, so I’m inclined to believe the hype!

6. Your lips are more delicate than the rest of your skin, and Fresh Sugar Advanced Treatment Lip Therapy is super nourishing without being thick or heavy. It also offers anti-aging benefits, filling fine lines and improving elasticity. Use it throughout the day and as a base before applying lipstick for a smooth, supple pout.

7. Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a much-beloved multipurpose balm for lips and skin, infused with a top secret blend of essential oils. Not only does it moisturize, but it combats irritation and can even soothe minor burns and rashes. Use it on your lips or on dry patches of skin as needed. At six bucks it’s a total steal – plus, it smells like roses!

How do you fight chapped lips? I’d love to hear about your favorite products!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try the Bite Agave Lip Mask! ❤ It looks sooo good! I didn't know it left a tint though, that's amazing! 😀 Makes me want to try it even more hehe. Amazing list! So nice to see you include all different kinds of lip treatments!

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