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Hello there, fellow beauty buffs! I’ve been hard at work testing out some new products (tough job, I know) and I’m excited to give you the scoop. My obsession this month has been transforming my poor, dry, winter-ravaged skin into glowing, hydrated, could-pass-for-summertime skin; I’ve found a couple of products that can help do just that (and one that I’m still on the fence about).


The award-winning Eve Lom Balm Cleanser was hailed by Vogue as “probably the best cleanser in the world,” and their Morning Time Cleanser is a variation of the much-loved original. I’ve been wanting to try the brand for ages, but it’s laughably expensive. So when I saw a tiny travel-sized version in the checkout line at Sephora, I snatched it up immediately. I really wanted to love it, but this has got to be the strangest cleanser I’ve ever used. You apply the thick balm to your dry face, rub it in and let it sit for several minutes, then rinse it off. Besides having a very strong, off-putting scent, it felt like it didn’t fully rinse off no matter what I tried. My face did feel soft afterwards, but it didn’t feel particularly clean. However, it was nicely moisturizing, and the next day my skin felt even softer. I’m torn…I think I’ll try it a couple more times before rendering a verdict.

dr jart

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Oil Balm is one of my favorite new finds. This stuff is fantastic; you scoop out a tiny bit of balm with a cute little spoon, and it magically melts into oil as soon as you apply it. It’s delightfully satisfying and feels amazing on dry skin. Formulated with nine natural oils, it absorbs quickly and smells like a spa. Like any oil, it leaves a light residue, but it’s definitely not greasy and in fact gives your skin a nice glow. It works wonderfully on your cuticles, hair, face, or anywhere your skin is dry. Try it, you’ll love it!


I never thought I’d find a luminizer I loved more than Laura Mercier Radiance Powder, but a new contender appeared on the scene when I received this highlighting powder in my monthly Julep Maven box. It contains rosehip oil, coffee bean oil and lipids to help soothe skin and retain moisture, and it also promises to minimize the appearance of pores and wrinkles. A light dusting of this champagne-colored powder will give you a luminous glow that’s typically unattainable without employing a live-in facialist or getting a solid 15 hours of sleep per night.

What beauty products are you loving right now? Is there anything that you’re really excited to try?

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