Updating My Work Wardrobe

Now that I’ve moved to “The Big City,” I’m starting to feel like I need to step up my workwear game. Most of what I own is from six to eight years ago, and is starting to look, well, kind of frumpy. Plus I’m now spending tons of time with my beloved Mil, the queen of beauty and fashion. I feel like when we go out I kind of look like her backwoods cousin in town for the weekend. With the exception of a few pieces, it’s pretty bad…

So I’ve been browsing the web looking for some classic but updated options. Below are some of the pieces I’ve been looking for. I’m most excited about the accessories.


Work wear update

Nine West green blazer / Halston Heritage belted dress / Band of Outsiders blue pants / Free People Rajah flats / Kate Spade watch / Oliver Peoples tortoiseshell eyeglasses / Estée Lauder lipstick


I’ve never worn a watch, but have started admiring them on others. They can look so dressy and grown-up. This Kate Spade watch is the perfect balance between classy and whimsical.

I have never felt very comfortable wearing real lipstick. I feel like I’m always worrying about it smearing or needing to constantly touch it up. However, whenever I see a women wearing red lipstick, I almost always think, “she looks so put together.” Well I’m thinking it’s time I start looking put together! I’ve been testing out a number of affordable red lipsticks, so be on the look out for a review post. This Estée Lauder lipstick has been well reviewed.

Finally, I’ve been really wanting to start wearing my glasses more often. My eyesight is laughably bad. So bad that the lenses on my glasses are thick enough to distort my face. It’s prevented me from regularly wearing my glasses for years, but I am determined to find the right frame and high-index lenses. Oliver Peoples has a number of bookish yet fashionable frames I’ve been eyeing. I’m a sucker for a girly dress paired with tortoiseshell glasses.

What are your go-to workwear pieces? Planning any updates to your wardrobe?


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  1. I love all your choices, you need to get shopping stat! I feel the same way about lipstick and just started wearing a pigmented one. I’m constantly checking my teeth. You would look gorgeous in a red lip. I think you should give it a go. I too need a new pair of glasses. I wear contacts during the day but still need them for night. Good luck with finding a new frame. As always, great post!


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