March Wish List

It has come to my attention that my wardrobe is a bit lacking in terms of basics. Case in point: I have flats in every color of the rainbow, but do I have a pair that are plain black? Nope. My closet contains at least four purses in various shades of pink, but a classic chestnut tote? Somehow it eludes me. Clearly something needs to be done, so Jules and I are hitting the mall later this week. We’ll be on the hunt for some cute work outfits for her, and perhaps a chambray button-down and a sleek, sophisticated trench for me…


March Wish List


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What’s on your wish list this month? That red lipstick in particular is calling my name…

♥ Mil

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  1. Oh the sunglasses and red lipstick…combined with the trench coat and the pretty shoes 😀 Such a classic look 🙂

    • Thank you, Kay! I’m glad you like it. I’m so in the mood to shop right now…making these wish lists is dangerous!

  2. I love all the things! But I especially love that trench coat. It’s so classy and pretty. I have a chambray from J.Crew that I wear all the time so I 100% recommend that.

    • Thanks Julia! I love it too–it just looks so much more elegant and feminine than most trenches out there. And I’m glad to hear you’re a fan of the J. Crew chambray! I’ll be checking it out for sure. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I love all these choices Mil. Such good picks, not that I expected anything less. So I must say that the Madewell transport tote is a great choice as well as the J.Crew Factory chambray. I just picked up a similar one at J.Crew. I also own those pearl earrings.

    Did you see that Nordstrom now sales Madewell?! It just launched this week.

    • Clearly we are style twins! And YES I did hear about Madewell–I’m so excited! Now I can earn Nordstrom points on Madewell stuff 😀

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