Spring Into Action!

This weekend we “sprang forward,’ although some of us probably had more spring in our step than others! I don’t know about you, but Monday morning I was dragging. And that’s why God created coffee and chai tea lattes!

Of course, the trade-off is finally having enough daylight to head out on an after work run. Or really to feel like doing anything after work that doesn’t involve crawling into bed.

As you may remember from my last workout post, I’m a big fan of getting my fitness on as efficiently as possible. With our surprisingly sunny weather here in Seattle, I’ve been hitting the pavement for some outside circuit workouts. I’m a big fan of circuits, as they let me get both my strength and cardio done at the same time and keep me engaged. Here’s a workout I used just yesterday. It’s pretty basic, but it will certainly get the job done!




Happy running,


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