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Happy Friday! Tonight, Mil and I are hitting the sack unusually early (at least for her). Tomorrow we’re checking out Nordstrom’s annual Spring Beauty Trend Show. After the show we’re signed up with the Nars glam squad to get a Saturday morning makeover. We’ll be sure to snap a pic of us looking fabulous! What are your weekend plans? Anyone else going to the show in Bellevue? Holler at us!

While you count down to the weekend, here are some links to while away the time.


1. Model Winnie Harlow has been making waves in the fashion world. Why all the excitement? Winnie has a skin condition called Vitiligo, that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. Several media sources have praised her moment(s) on the runway, declaring Vitiligo the latest trend in fashion. I appreciated Refinery 29’s response to these statements. I am all for highlighting Winnie and the fashion house that chose to feature her. I am not on board with calling a skin disease a trend.

2. Facebook has announced that you can now send money through their messenger app. Pretty cool, yes. Is it enough to win people back after all that app anger? I don’t know…

3. Starbucks is pilot testing delivery! Finally! Because walking down the block is really just too much of a hassle.

4. I am an introvert by nature. It’s my biggest career challenge. I make up excuses to skip work happy hours and like to eat lunch at my desk. I’m not antisocial. I just need a lot of “me time” to recharge. These tips for introverted career woman really resonated with me.

5. Anyone do a March Madness bracket? I didn’t. I did however watch this video of toddlers weighing in on the NCAA tournament. Sadly, they probably know more than I do.

Would you use a Starbucks delivery service? Are you an introvert? Please tell me I’m not the only one who dreads work events!



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  1. I thought of you when I saw those introvert career tips on the Everygirl 🙂 Even though I’m an ambivert, I do prefer a lot of social contact at work. I really miss my old job where I got to chat with people all day!

    And I would totally use a Starbucks delivery service. Like if my coffee maker broke and it was raining reeeeeally hard, maybe…

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