Friday Favorites

What a week! I feel like every day has been packed solid from start to finish (though I had a brief respite from the craziness on Wednesday night, during which I laid on the couch, watched three episodes of The Fall and made an impressive dent in a bottle of Spanish wine). Are you as excited to sleep in tomorrow as I am? Now, since napping in the workplace is frowned upon, let’s kick off the weekend with a few of my Friday Faves!

Friday Favorites 3.27.15

1. Have you ever visited Lenny the Chocolate Moose? How about the tomb of Nicolas Cage? No? Then it’s time to plan your Great American Road Trip so you can see the weirdest roadside attraction in every state! But I don’t know if Washington’s really counts as a “roadside” attraction since it’s in the middle of Pike Place Market… (

2. This guide to dealing with office politics contains some sage advice regarding difficult coworkers, learning how to say no, and the importance of face time with your colleagues at every level. (

3. If you thought you’d found every possible use for Aquaphor, you’d be wrong. So wrong. Learn how to use it to remove bright nail polish without staining your fingers. (

4. Coffee is our lifeblood around here, so naturally this roundup of the most beautiful coffee makers caught our eye. #4, I’m coming for you! (

5. Even if you’re not particularly outdoorsy, this aerial footage of one of the world’s largest caves (shot with a GoPro strapped to a drone!) will put you in the mood to do some spelunking. (

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

♥ Mil


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    • Haha I know…but a girl can dream! At least the prettiest French press on the list is only $20 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Katie! Have an awesome weekend!

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