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March has been a truly excellent month for beauty exploration! Between swag from the Trend Show and spontaneous spring shopping, it was a real challenge narrowing down my focus to just three products…but somehow I was able to make those tough calls in order to bring you this edition of the Beauty Brief. Here are the standout discoveries that have earned themselves a permanent place in my beauty routine this month.

The Beauty Brief: Sachajuan Hair Repair

When I think of Sweden, I think of two things: IKEA (obvi), and genetically gifted people with impossibly sleek blonde hair. If you’re in pursuit of Scandinavian sleekness, try Sachajuan Hair Repair; this Swedish standby promotes cell regeneration and renews vitality and shine in stressed hair. Use it once or twice a week instead of your regular conditioner – just let it sit for 5 minutes, rinse out, and your dry/damaged/frizzy strands will be transformed into insanely soft, silky gorgeousness. Seriously, your hair will be so soft you can’t stop touching it (though you won’t be any blonder).

The Beauty Brief: Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I can’t quite decide whether Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is more of a serum, a face oil, or a magical elixir sent from the heavens, but I suppose the mystery adds to its allure; in reality, it’s all of these things and more. It ambiguously promises recovery, though from what (A hangover? A breakup? The ravages of time?) it’s difficult to say. But I can tell you this: if you massage a few drops onto your face before bed, you’ll wake up to smoother, softer, more luminous skin. Plus, it’s 99.8% natural, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, absorbs like a dream, and smells like a field of lavender. Still undecided? Ask for a sample at the nearest Kiehl’s counter and prepare to jump off the fence. Your face will thank you!

The Beauty Brief: Lucas' Papaw Ointment

For years, I’ve heard bloggers, celebs, and beauty editors alike rave about the glory of Lucas’ Papaw Ointment. Made from fresh fermented papaya (or “papaw,” as it’s known Down Under), this stuff is a great natural treatment for soothing dry lips, rashes, sunburn, insect bites, and even cuts and open wounds. Apparently papaya has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties! I’ve come to think of this ointment as Australia’s answer to Aquaphor, although it’s lighter, less sticky, and decidedly cooler than Aquaphor, if you ask me. But maybe its ubiquity in Australia makes it less exciting…Aussie friends, what’s the verdict? Do you love this stuff as much as we do?

(Note: it’s not available stateside yet, but you can score two tubes on Amazon for about ten bucks. Yay!)

What new products have you tried lately? Tell me about your current favorites!

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    • Thanks Kay, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! And you will LOVE the Kiehl’s stuff. It’s a life-changer!

  1. Awesome products Mil, I’m really intrigued by the Papaw ointment – very handy addition to have in any cabinet!!!Thanks for sharing, will definitely be investing in this πŸ™‚ Karen x

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