April Wish List

It’s that awkward interlude between seasons when winter is pretty much over, but spring hasn’t really taken the reins yet…one minute, you’re happily soaking up the sun on some happy hour patio, and the next you’re shivering violently, shielding your cocktail from a sudden downpour and cursing your decision to not live closer to the equator. Such polarizing weather patterns can make it difficult to dress appropriately in the morning, so my strategy is this: forget about winter and spring altogether and pretend it’s already summer. I figure if you want it bad enough, sunshine will find you. Denial is the path to happiness, my friends!


April Wish List

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve

I’m really feeling turquoise and coral right now, paired with artfully tousled hair and bold, bright nails. What’s on your wish list this month? Are you as excited for warm weather as I am?

♥ Mil

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  1. I’m completely with you! I’m really feeling coral right now and I especially love that Nars palette (#1) — it’s perfect for spring AND summer!!

    Sed Bona

  2. really love this!! can I ask you a question? how did you edit this becouse I want to make wishlists as well but I just can’t figure out! thx!! 🙂

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