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Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I can hardly wait for the weekend! It’s supposed to hit the 70’s this weekend and my plans involve spending as much time outside as possible – with the appropriate amount of sunscreen applied, of course. Saturday, you can probably find me at Green Lake all day, and Sunday I’m heading up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival with Mil. Hopefully we remember to be good about taking pictures, so we can share a few with you lovely people. What are you doing this weekend? Hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy this week’s favorites!

Friday Favorites 4.17.2015edit



1. Hilary Clinton finally announced her presidential campaign, and whatever your politics, it’s a wonderful step forward for women to have a legitimate female candidate in the race. Sorry, Sarah Palin.

2. Peeps + Physics = Best video I watched this week. It’s a little long, but it reminded me of my high school physics professor who definitely taught a lesson that revolved around marshmallows.

3. This past Monday, I really needed a pick-me-up. Thank goodness for BuzzFeed Animals and their endless supply of fuzzy puppies making cute faces.

4. I just started a “Whole 30” with my friend Alaina from work. Day 5 and going strong! We’ve been alternating bringing lunch for each other to make things a little easier. I’m thinking about making this next week. I’m sure my Vietnamese mother wouldn’t approve, but a girl’s got to do what she can.

5. Starbucks fans, they’ve just announced a new s’mores flavored Frappucinno. Marshmallow infused whipped cream? Say what?


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