A Very Special Friday Favorites

Today is a big day here on South by Northwest. It’s Mil’s birthday!!! So hit her up with some birthday love y’all!

Happy Birthday Mil! (2).

Tonight we’re going to one of her favorite restaurants for dinner. Then tomorrow, we’re doing a girls brunch followed the Taco Libre Truck Showdown. If you’re local, I hope we see you there. I’m particularly excited for some Lucha Libre smackdowns.

In honor of my beloved platonic life partner, I wanted to do a special Friday Favorites post featuring links that remind me of her and our friendship. Enjoy!


1. I love this round-up of quotes from famous women on female friendship. The line from Lisa See about friendships that go all the way back to high school rings so true for me and Mil. “They see you for your essence.”

2. Someday when we’re fabulously rich, I want us to take a girls trip here. Hopefully “someday” is next year!

3. I’d like to think that this is what we’re like at karaoke together.

4. Mil is and will always be my beauty guru. I’ve been watching some of Refinery 29’s Beauty Prep School videos. They’re cute and useful, but I also always think “Mil could do this better.”

5. The ultimate chocolate cupcake recipe? As a premier cupcake connoisseur, Mil should be the judge of that. I think we’ll have to make these in the near future. Post Whole 30, of course.


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  1. Happy Birthday gorgeous gal!!!! Sending the HUGEST of hugs to you & hope you’re having as fab a day as you are ❀ Karen XXXXXX

  2. Awww that is fabulous! Such excellent Friday Faves!! I am laughing so hard after watching that Lip Sync Battle…as far as I can remember neither of us has ever ripped our pants off at karaoke, but maybe after a few bday drinks tonight πŸ˜‰ I am drooling over that hotel. And those quotes are so perfect…Lisa See’s is definitely about us ❀ (Also, NY Mag says it's Friendship Week! How did that pass us by? Must put it on the calendar for next year!)

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