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Happy Friday, everyone! How was your week? What are you up to this weekend? It’s supposed to be gorgeous here in Seattle, so Jules and I are making time to lounge in the sun in between various parties, work commitments, and Mother’s Day festivities. Seeing the new Avengers movie is also on my to-do list…and perhaps some shopping for our San Diego trip! So let’s kick off the weekend with a few fun links. Enjoy!

Friday Favorites 5.18.15

1. This hilarious Saturday Night Live skit featuring Scarlett Johansson takes aim at sexist film tropes and shows us what it might look like if Marvel actually tried to make a girl superhero movie. (

2. Your besties + hideous bridesmaid dresses + paintball guns = the most awesome bachelorette party ever. (

3. Who hasn’t, in times of stress, imagined how great it would be to roll around in a pile of puppies? One university created a “Puppy Room” in collaboration with a guide dog charity; stressed-out students who make a small donation can play with puppies to their heart’s content. Where was this when I was in college? (

4. Early studies are showing that a diet rich in cheese may protect against cardiovascular disease. Yay science! On a related note, a career as a cheese scientist sounds pretty sweet. (

5. Everyone hates chores. They are the worst. So how amazing would it be to simply send a text and come home to a fully-stocked fridge, clean laundry and a sparkly-clean bathroom? With Alfred, the dream is real! Alfred is a new, super-affordable personal butler/cleaning service that learns to anticipate your needs, ensuring you never have to run another soul-deadening errand again. (

Have a fantastic weekend!

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    • We should do a belated paintball party! Though (perhaps fortunately) I don’t really have any ugly bridesmaid dresses to pick from…

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