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Hey y’all. Once again we’ve reached another glorious Friday complete with another glorious list of our favorites from the week. Is it just me, or have the weeks been flying by like crazy? It seems like I moved to Seattle just last week, but somehow it’s already been close to five months. Ah! This weekend I’m planning to catch up on some work I’ve been putting off, so it’ll probably consist of a lot of heavy couch time with a side of dog cuddles. What do you have going on this weekend? Hopefully something more exciting than me.


1. The older I get, the more I care about buying a few investment pieces versus a lot of cheaper and trendy items. This article sources advice on the topic from some of my favorite fashion and style bloggers.

2. I work in a very GIF-happy workplace. Every Friday my inbox is just a constant stream of amusing animated images. I never seem to find GIFs that are as funny as my teammates. Well, the struggle is over thanks to, a site that allows you to easily search and share GIFs. And yes, this is a totally legitimate use of my time at work.

3. I really loved reading this blog post about a mom who shaved off her young daughter’s hair. I recently cut my hair and am actually going back to my stylist today to get it “fixed.” Reading this post made me reflect on why we care so much about our appearance and the things that really matter in life (hint: a bad haircut is not actually the end of the world…).

4. Has anyone heard of Liver X before? Apparently it’s the hangover cure we’ve all been waiting for. Well, you’ve all been waiting for. My Diet Cokes don’t have much of an after-effect.

5. Still can’t get “Uptown Funk” out of your head after weeks of trying? Try this scientifically tested trick, and yes, this study was apparently a good use of research funds…


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  1. I am with you guys, the older I get, the more I want to buy more quality pieces. It’s not about quantity anymore. Because if you have a quality piece, it will last you a lifetime if taken care of. Beautiful post as always girls;).

    K / The House of KTS (formerly Pure & Complex)

  2. Happy Friday! I hear ya Jules, time is passing quick. Thanks for sharing The Everygirl article. I’m all about building ones wardrobe with quality pieces. It definitely saves money over the long run and helps me know how I’ve spent it.

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