Calling all Beach Babes: Swimsuits for Summer 2015


Ladies, the season for swimsuit shopping has arrived, with all the anxiety that comes with coming face to face with your half naked body under the wholly unflattering dressing room lights. Who’s excited…?!

One swimsuit trend I’m thrilled to see gain traction this season is the return in popularity of the one-piece. Retro 40’s and 50’s styles have been growing for the last year or two, and this year the trend has continued. Shopbop’s ladylike and waist defining one piece (1), Kate Spade’s bow topped swimsuit (2), and Wolf and Whistles’ off the shoulder version (4) are three great examples of updated takes on classic styles. I’ve also seen peplum tankinis popping up, like this lovely floral version from Anthropologie (5). They create that retro silhouette without the hassle of getting in and out of a wet one piece. Mil actually just got a new tankini, so I’m excited for its debut this weekend.

80’s and 90’s style suits are a newer trend this season, an era that I’m loathe to move into the retro category. The classic swimsuit cut popularized on the beaches of Baywatch is back. This ASOS “Malibu” suit (3) looks like something from Kelly Kapowski’s closet on Saved by the Bell, in the best way possible of course. This pale pink striped version from Solid and Striped (6) is a little more preppy and timeless.


Summer 2015 Swimwear Guide


I guarantee that with any of these suits that your swimwear game will be strong and your beach time anxiety will be low. The best part about one pieces and tankinis is not ever having to worry about sucking in your stomach. So stroll off into the sunset along the beach in comfort and with the confidence that you look damn good. What will you be sporting on the beach this season? One piece? Tankini? Bikini?


P.S. Have you seen this talk from Jessica Rey on the history of the bikini? It’s pretty interesting although the modesty message is hammered in a little heavily for my taste. Women should have the freedom to wear clothing that makes them feel confident and beautiful, period the end.

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