Step Away from the Stove with 7 Simple Suppers

simple suppers

Mil and I just got back from San Diego and I’m having a hard time transitioning out of vacation mode. Yesterday night I surveyed the fridge to begin prepping dinner and just couldn’t get inspired. With the start of summer, it’s getting harder and harder to get excited about standing at the stove while the sun shines outside. I want to be reading on a blanket in the grass, not standing in the kitchen sweating. Since we’re trying to pinch pennies, eating out every night is not an option, nor is it usually the healthiest choice.
I’ve pulled together a collection of quick dinner recipes featuring fresh flavors and limited prep and cook time. Several of these dishes could be easily packed up to be eaten on an evening picnic in the park. Not all of these recipes are cold dishes, so some stovetop cooking is involved, but nothing more involved than a little light stirring or quick boiling. So have no fear, you and I can have both our supper and our sunshine!

chicken salad

Chicken salad is one of my favorite quick and easy meals. Pair it with fresh veggies or hearty crackers. This recipe features a bit of a twist on the traditional flavors.


tuna and pepper

Tuna salad is my husband’s go-to lunch or dinner recipe. This more refined recipe from the New York Times uses mediterranean flavors and trades the traditional mayonnaise with yogurt.



Cold grain salads are easy to whip together, particularly if you cook your grains ahead of time. This minty bulgar salad would be even easier if you substitute smoked salmon.



Tacos are a no fail option guaranteed to please everyone in your family. While I’m a big fan of braised meat tacos, braising requires at least an hour of cook time. Ground beef cooks up quickly and with some doctoring you’ll never notice it’s not “al pastor.” In this version from Picky Palate, salsa verde provides a quick and easy flavor boost.



A satisfying meal, no matter how simple, lies in bold and satisfying flavors. This twist on the traditional pesto pasta brings in bright and light flavors perfect for warmer weather. Pesto pasta is one of Mil’s signature dishes, so this might be a good summer addition to her repertoire.



I love recipes that involve baking all the ingredients together in a parchment packet. Fish is particularly good and fool proof this way, plus the presentation is beautiful. This recipe from Steamy Kitchen is simple and fresh. Make it once and then make it your own.


tostada eating well

Tostadas are such a fun food to eat. They’re like a party on a plate! This take on the traditional recipe features canned salmon instead of the more typical chicken or beef.

Do you lose some of your motivation to cook in the summer? What are your quick and easy go–to dinner recipes?

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  1. Lovely recipes will be trying out several of those 😀 I am horrible during the summer, I gravitate towards salads as they are the easiest 😉

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