Friday Favorites

Happy National Doughnut Day! I’m planning on celebrating this morning with a maple bar, my all-time favorite. What’s yours? Although I think I’m getting sick, so maybe I’ll wash it down with a green juice. Or maybe not… I almost made this week’s favorites entirely doughnut themed, but I managed to restrain myself. What can I say? I love a good sugar buzz.

1. Ok, so I had to throw at least one themed link into the mix. Here’s a list of 7 places offering free doughnuts, today and today only. You’re welcome.
2. Summer is the season for road trips. Whether they’re two hours, 24 hours, or 2 weeks, there’s nothing like hitting the open road with your girlfriend or husband by your side. Here are some great ideas for your next trip.

3. I know it may seem a bit contradictory to purchase a new dress in an effort to pare down my wardrobe, but having classic and flexible pieces is key to a minimalist wardrobe. This dress is perfect for work, brunch, and cocktails – just change out the accessories.

4. Earlier this week, Mil and I spent some time discussing having pancakes for dinner, and ever since then I’ve been craving pancakes. Some fluffy and nutty pancakes. Discovering a pancake cake took my craving to the next level.
5. I watched this video of a baby lemur at least 5 times yesterday. Wait until you watch it getting fed with a dropper. Too cute.

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