New York Memories: Spicy and Salty Mango

Spicy and Salty Mango (1)
Right after college I moved to New York City like any good twenty-something with dreams. My first year in the city was full of new experiences: Shakespeare in Central Park, sweaty subway rides, street fairs, and pop-up fruit carts serving mangos drenched in hot sauce. As soon as the temperature heats up around April, ladies with their mango and pineapple stands begin popping up on street corners. Their offerings are simple: diced tropical fruit topped with hot sauce, lime juice, and salt. It took me a while to give the topping a try, but once I did an almost daily habit was begun. The salt brings out the sweetness of mango and the spice adds just a little pop to the flavor. It sounds a little crazy but is SO good. This weekend’s 80 degree weather, combined with Fred Meyer’s sale on mangos, was enough to rekindle the craving. Here’s the “recipe” so you too can give this crazy combination a try!

Spicy and Salty Mango

1 mango
Juice 1/2 a lime
Hot sauce
Directions: Peel and cut your mango into slices or cubes. Here’s a good tutorial. It can be tricky if you haven’t done it before. Arrange on a plate or in a bowl. Squeeze the lime juice on top, add a few shakes of hot sauce, and a sprinkle of salt. Stir around a little bit to mix the flavors and dig in!

mango chunks

Sliced and diced like a boss


mango on a fork

I ate this mango so quickly that I forgot to take a picture until the second to last bite!



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