Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List // via South by Northwest

Even though we’re grownups now and we no longer get the summer off (undoubtedly the cruelest twist of adulthood), I still tend to think of the entire season as a sacred time meant for lazy beach days, spontaneous road trips, and reconnecting with friends. Summer in Seattle is glorious, and it’s always been my favorite season – but this year I’m even more excited since Jules and I will be experiencing it together for the first time in ages! So, to ensure we don’t forget anything, we put together our very own super official Summer Bucket List (which I reserve the right to embellish as necessary):

1. Enjoy a picnic at Gasworks Park, watching the seaplanes and sailboats go by

2. Lounge in the sun at Golden Gardens

Golden Gardens
3. Cheer for the Mariners and share a plate of Safeco Field’s legendary garlic fries

4. Watch a movie outdoors. There are so many options this year…I vote for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Or Grease!

Fremont Outdoor Cinema

5. Try the gelato at Fainting Goat in Wallingford

Fainting Goat Gelato

6. Shop for art and homemade treasures at the Bellevue Arts Fair

7. People watch at the Fremont Solstice Parade

8. Indulge in some day drinking at Kirkland Uncorked

9. Rent a boat for the afternoon (or maybe jet skis)!

Boating on Lake Union

10. Find the most spectacular view of the fireworks on the Fourth of July

11. Sample cuisines of the world, from funnel cake to pho, at Bite of Seattle

Bite of Seattle

12. Round up some friends for a beach bonfire at Alki (s’mores are mandatory)

13. Take a ride on the Cycle Saloon

14.  Pick up some fresh produce at the Ballard Farmers Market and cook something yummy

15. Close out the summer at Bumbershoot, Seattle’s biggest and best music festival!


We’ve got our work cut out for us, but I can’t wait! What’s on your summer bucket list?

♥ Mil

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19 responses

    • Aw, I know…that is disappointing. But there are so many other great movies this year! And I’m confident that I could dominate Indiana Jones trivia, so we would definitely get free popcorn again 😉

    • You read my mind, Tina!! What a sweet life that would be, huh? Perhaps we’ll see you on the Cycle Saloon this summer 🙂

    • Thanks Karen! Ha doesn’t it look amusing?? Though I’m guessing it has to move quite slowly so people don’t spill their drinks. We’ll just have to go for a spin and report back 🙂

  1. This sounds like the perfect summer. I am sure you will both enjoy it 🙂
    Oh and clearly it has to be Raiders of the Lost Ark! (maybe I am a bit biased as an archaeologist, but that is a great movie 😉
    xxx Anne

    • It’s the best! And did I know you’re an archaeologist?? This makes me extremely happy! I wish I could say that I’m one too, but I’m just a Classics major who took a bunch of archaeology courses in undergrad 🙂

      • No, I don’t really talk about it on the blog because I specialize in physical anthropology…and normal people get creeped out by skeletons (I love them though 😉
        Classic and archaeology is a great combination 🙂 Have you ever done fieldwork?
        xxx Anne

      • Well I think it’s awesome! Bring on the skeletons, I say 😉 I’d love to hear more about your work sometime. I’ve never done fieldwork, but I got to visit a few active digs during my study abroad program in college and it was fantastic!

      • Hihi, well it so happens my topic has featured in the awful fourth Indiana Jones movie: I deal with the elongated skulls of indigenous Caribbean people (mine are not crystal though, nor alien 😉
        You should go on a dig once in your life, such a great experience!

      • Oh god, it was terrible, wasn’t it?? Unfortunately I guess “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Indigenous Caribbean Skull” didn’t have quite the same ring to it 😉 I’d love to go on a dig one day!

      • I went with four friends from work and we nearly got kicked out of the cinema for muttering/cursing every other second 😉
        You should! Peru is particularly nice, but there are some great european ones as well if you want to go back to classical roots 😉

      • Ha, I can only imagine how painfully bad it was for you guys to watch. And thanks for the suggestions hon! 🙂

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