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Growing up in Seattle, one of our local radio stations hosted an annual summer concert entitled “Summer Jams.” I remember the commercials making it sound so cool. It was one of those events where you’re like “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to go to that.” I just looked and it’s still going on, but somehow seems slightly less exciting. Pushing my way through a packed crowd while sweating profusely is no longer as appealing as it once was. Regardless, every summer when my favorite songs come on I still think about that deep announcer’s voice bellowing out “Summerrrrr Jammmzzzz.”

This weekend, Nick and I are driving out to the Hoh Rainforest for a short camping trip with the dogs. It’s a three hour drive, so I thought it was high time to make a summer playlist. Whether it’s a road trip or hanging out at the beach with Mil’s cute new portable speaker, I know I’m going to be listening to these songs on repeat.

1. No No No – Pumpkin Blood

2. Coming of Age – Foster The People

3. Power Lines – Telekinesis

4. Honey, I’m Good. – Andy Grammer

5. The Night is Still Young – Nicki Minaj

6. The Boys of Summer – Don Henley

7. Overload -Life of Dillon

8. Reflections – Misterwives

9. The Sound of Sunshine – Micheal Franti & Spearhead

10. Budapest – George Ezra

11. Ways to Go – Grouplove

12. Karma Chameleon – Culture Club

13. The Way We Get By – Spoon

14. Rescue – Yuna

15. D-D-Dance – The Royal Concept

16. Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go) – Dierks Bentley

Here’s the full playlist on Spotify. What are your go-to songs for summer? Do you like cruising music or do you want something that gets you pumped up?


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