Lovely Legs Pyramid Workout

We’ve entered the season of shorts and tiny sundresses, also known as the season of mandatory leg shaving (I miss you, pants!). Now that my legs are no longer in hiding, I’m a bit more motivated to make sure I feel good about showing them off. My current leg inspiration? Taylor Swift. I mean, seriously…
. Taylor Swift-20140616-17
Now, not all of us are blessed with Taylor’s genetics. Let’s get real, her legs are probably as long as most of my body. So instead of fantasizing about some sort of leg extension surgery, it’s better to focus on what’s within one’s control. My legs are naturally muscular, so during the summer I like to play this up a little more. For me, having lovely legs means having strong legs that look like they can kick some major butt.
. Lovely Legs Pyramid Workout (2)
Here’s a quick pyramid workout I’ve recently been busting out a few times a week. I love that I get more into it as the reps increase and then my heart rate starts to naturally calm down towards the end. . Do you show off your legs in summer, or are you more of a maxi skirt and tank top kind of girl? .

XOXO, Jules


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  1. Omg. I’m fairly certain that if I attempted a 50 minute wall-sit I would drop dead. No wonder your legs are so much better than mine!

    • haha I just assumed you were more intense about your leg workouts than I ever realized!!

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