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Fourth of July weekend always brings back strong memories for me. Growing up, we used to light off fireworks in our backyard; this is of course before it became illegal. I remember the thrill of running away as fast as possible after the fuse was lit. Once I reached middle school, we started going to Bellevue Park for an afternoon of activities, music, and “big boy” fireworks. A more recent and favorite memory is from two years ago when we spent the night with my sister-in-law and her husband waiting for the birth of my nephew. My personal theory is that he was waiting for the appropriate amount of fanfare to announce his entrance into the world. I’m awful with birthdays, but his is one I’ll proudly never forget.
If you’re stateside, have a great holiday weekend. If you’re from across the pond feel free to celebrate the fact that our independence freed you from all the American political drama! Anyway, here are a few of my favorite links from the week:


1. I no longer understand the best way to invite people to party or BBQ. Facebook event? Email? Evite? Mailed invitation for fancier affairs? Thank goodness for The Kitchn’s guidance.
2. How do you part your hair? For most of my life I’m had a moderate side part, but recently my stylist told me I should give the center part a try. I’m not totally onboard yet, but am getting there. Want to know how you should really be parting your hair? Here are some tips.
3. Speaking of hair, nearly 2% of Americans have Alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes one’s hair to fall out. Icelandic photographer Sigga Ella recently came out with a new series featuring portraits of women with the disease, their heads all bald. The women are simply stunning.
4. Princess Diana would have turned 54 yesterday. I still remember where I was when she died. Do you? Take a look back at some of her most iconic moments.

5. An intellectual discussion of the politics of Magic Mike and roadstripping. I’m totally going to see this movie for its strong feminist statement and not Channing Tatum’s abs…


P.S. I just realized that none of my pics were holiday themed. So here’s a mystery bonus link.

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