Currently Craving: Neutral Stripes

I don’t know what it is about summer and stripes, but for me they’ve always gone hand in hand. Stripes remind me of weekends spent sailing or Audrey Hepburn zooming around Rome on a scooter. Oh to be Audrey Hepburn on a scooter in Rome…

A few weeks ago as I was picking out pieces for my summer capsule wardrobe and I found myself adding more and more stripes to the pile. I picked pieces based on what I love to wear and apparently for now what I want to wear are stripes upon stripes. Since I’m rotating through a limited range of clothing pieces these days, I’ve also found myself gravitating towards neutrals. Black, navy, grays, white – but also pale pinks and peaches. I’m all about pale pink as the new neutral.
Next week I plan to share my first stab at a capsule wardrobe, but for now I wanted to bask in the glory of all things stripes. Several of my basic tops and shoes are pretty worn out, so I’m hoping to do an upgrade to some of the below pieces in the next month or two. Stripes alone are not enough to class up a pair of scuffed flats.

neutral stripes

1. Forever 21 Sugar Paper Cabana Stripe Notebook / 2. Topshop orange shirt  / 3. Splendid platform sandals / 4. Lucyparis Skirt / 5. Topshop navy dress  / 6.  J Crew t shirt /  7. Givenchy sandals / 8. T By Alexander Wang white top / 9. Rails striped shirt
What are you currently craving? Also, if you could steal one celebrity’s style, whose would it be? I’m currently craving a Slurpee, so I’m off to take care of that!
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