Friday Favorites

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen. This week was pretty good all things considered. On Wednesday, our chief of staff grilled burgers on our company’s rooftop deck and on Thursday I was able to visit Mil at work. It was fun visiting Microsoft’s main campus and taking advantage of their bottomless carbonated beverages (yum yum). It has sadly been a while since Mil and I have hung out, so I’m stoked that this Saturday we’re going to Bite of Seattle. Asa, of Lace and Pearls, is meeting us and we just love her to bits. Here’s to a great weekend and enjoy this week’s picks!
1. Do you remember when mood rings were all the rage? The trend is back, baby! Check out these color changing lipsticks in all sorts of crazy looking shades. Don’t worry, they change to a normal pink shade upon application.
2. Since moving here, Nick has become obsessed with camping. Any weekend he’s not tied up with a performance, he’s pushing us to hit the woods. As much as we love unplugging and embracing nature, we are both getting a little tired of our camping meal staples: PB&J sandwiches and ramen noodles. I recently discovered Fireside Provisions, a company that delivers gourmet camping meals at a pretty affordable price.
3. Last week, Seattle Art Museum kicked off their Summer at SAM event series at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Every Thursday and Saturday for the next couple of weeks they’re hosting live music, crafts, art demonstrations, and more. I’m thinking about stopping by for yoga in the park tomorrow.
4. I’ve been in an animated movie kind of mood recently. We watched Frozen last weekend and this round-up of the real places that inspired Disney movies has me craving another viewing of Aladdin.
5. I know I’m not the only one waiting impatiently for Serial’s second season to premiere this fall. In the meantime, have you heard of the “Mystery Show” podcast? I listened to the first podcast yesterday and am hooked.

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  1. Awesome post Jules, I remember the mood rings soooo much 😀 Spotted one of those colour changing lippies on a post a few days ago – honestly thought it was green lol Turns such a pretty colour – quite intrigued to give them a go! Have a wonderful weekend lovely & hope you’re keeping well XXX

  2. Hahaha mood lipstick.. that could get dangerous! I will have to check out the Mystery Show podcast… I loved Serial, so I will have to branch out and try something new : )

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