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Happy Friday y’all. I have to tell you, the past couple of days have been crazy. I started the week out going to an orientation for a new job with a new company. By the end of the week, I had started a new job within my current company. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster figuring things out, but ultimately I’m really happy to be staying put. My new role will involve developing and launching several pilot initiatives, which if successful, will roll out nationally. It’s a big jump in responsibility, so I’m excited but also nervous about the amount of work involved.
With this in mind, Mil and I have decided to temporarily change our posting schedule to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We love our blog and the blogging community, so we hope y’all will support this decision. Finding the right balance between our blog life and our real lives can be challenging. Anyone else struggle with this?

And now to bring things back to a lighter note, here are our favorites from the week:
1. Nick and I are constantly planning our next big trip, always looking for deals and travel tricks. I recently discovered Love Home Swap and am dying to try it out. My friend Danielle did a home swap with a couple in Paris and had a good experience. I wonder if we could find anyone who would also take care of our dogs? Wishful thinking?

2. Please tell me I’m not the only one for whom Dawson’s Creek is a guilty pleasure. Dawson himself was annoying; Pacey was the real reason to watch the show. Read one woman’s take on what Pacey Witter taught her about love. It’ll make you want to dig out your old DVDs.

3. Apparently sheet masks are no longer the latest and greatest in beauty treatments. Say hello to nail masks. Since I rarely even bother with painting my nails, I doubt I’ll be using these anytime soon. However I can see Mil, the queen of the perfect manicure, digging the argan oil mask. Would you use a nail mask?

4. I’ve been in a real DIY mood lately. I spent some time on Wednesday spray painting anything I could get my hands on. My husband is just thrilled with his new gold comb and toothbrush holder… This DIY Koosh ball flat tutorial looks effortless and the result is so adorably whimsical. Think I can justify incorporating Koosh balls into my capsule wardrobe?

5. These days, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know their Meyers-Briggs personality type. I’m an INFJ and my husband is an ENTJ. I love this cute little quiz recommending Netflix shows according to personality type, although I’m not thrilled with their recommendation for me. Melissa and Joey? Really?!


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  1. Congrats on your new job/role, how exciting!

    And I totally hear you about MWF blogging schedule, and balancing real life and blogging life! Do what works for you girls 🙂

  2. Omgosh I am so with you. I had a crazy work week last week and it was just too tough keeping up with the blog! I am having trouble even keeping up with a schedule of MWF so kudos to you ladies! Congrats on the new role by the way. That’s awesome that your initiative could be rolled out nationally!


  3. Congrats Jules on your new role, that’s amazing! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    This roundup is so fun. The Love Home Swap looks interesting and fun. This is my first time hearing about it.

    I was a huge Dawson Creek fan, but liked Dawson best. 😀

    The Meyers-Briggs Netflix test is hilarious.

    Reducing your blogging schedule is a good move. I had to do that a long time ago. Posting two days a week has helped imensely.

  4. Congrats on the new position :). You certainly enjoy all the amazing things that will happen to you in the future :). And no, you’re not the only one that loves Dawsons Creek. I also loved Gilmore Girls. They were my guilty pleasure growing up and I still watch them girl lol. I can’t help it. This was such a great roundup.

    Kia / House of KTS

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