Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, you guys! What are you up to this weekend? I hope you have some adventures planned because my weekend is going to be pretty tame. I can’t wait to sleep in and finally get some serious nesting done in my new apartment. The mountain of boxes in my living room is very gradually shrinking…it’s certainly helped having a lighter posting schedule this week, though I have to say I miss the ol’ blog on the nights I don’t work on it. Does anybody else have separation anxiety from their blog? But I digress. Let’s dive into a few of my fave links from the week!

Friday Favorites

1. This interview with fashion industry icon Jenna Lyons is filled with career advice, including how to get her attention if you’re applying for a job. (Glamour)

2. Here’s the scientific explanation for why your dog absolutely loses his mind with joy every time you come home. Julia’s doggies definitely came to mind as I was reading this! (i09)

3. While mapping the Milky Way, galactic archaeologists recently discovered something interesting. Does it even matter what it was, though? “Galactic archaeologist” has got to be the freaking coolest job title I’ve ever heard. Yep, I’m a big nerd. (Discovery)

4. I have a major weakness for heirloom tomatoes; besides being pretty to look at, they taste like summer sunshine and happiness. So obviously I plan to make myself some of this enticing heirloom tomato toast as soon as possible. (Camille Styles)

5. Have you heard of the “makeup tax”? This piece is a fascinating look at what women invest – both in time and money – in our appearances, and the impact it has on our careers and relationships. (The Atlantic)

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. The toast looks delish and galactic archaeologist sounds super cool! I am about to read that article asap! ā¤

  2. You always share the best articles. Not sure you know, but I’m a big J.crew fan and loved reading the article on Jenna Lyons. Which lead me to read more articles on Jcrew profit loss and the demise of the Tilly sweater.

    I also love heirloom tomatoes and the article on makeup tax.

    • I had a sneaking suspicion about J. Crew šŸ˜‰ I’m so glad you enjoyed the articles! Ah, the poor, pathetic Tilly sweater…

  3. I used to have separation anxiety from my blog a lot, until I learned I also have to have some time for myself in order to produce amazing content. But for 2 years, girl I was obsessed with my blog lol. And I still am, just in a different way. And makeup tax? Oh I am definitely on my way to read that. Great post as always girls.

    Kia / House of KTS

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