Boozy Brunch Recipes

Anyone who knows me knows that I loooove brunch. With a passion. It’s one of the few things that can motivate me to get out of bed on the weekend. While it’s blissfully self-indulgent to have someone else cook for you in the morning, it’s nice to have a few recipes up your sleeve in case dragging yourself out of the house is just not going to happen. Now, cocktails are obviously a vital part of brunch, but it takes a true lush genius to incorporate alcohol seamlessly into your morning (afternoon? we won’t tell) meal. Here are some amazing boozy brunch recipes that I can’t wait to try.








I’m getting really hungry just looking at these. Are you a brunch fanatic too? Which of these would you most want to try? The first ones on my list are the piña colada french toast and limoncello fruit salad. As soon as I get my new place together, I plan to invite my girlfriends over for a boozy brunch!

♥ Mil

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    • Aw thank you Kia! I wish we could enjoy a boozy brunch together (with extra boozy bacon, of course)!

    • Right?! Rounding up all these recipes is making me want to open a restaurant that ONLY serves boozy brunch…

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