Friday Favorites

Four day weeks are the best. The week seems to just fly by and then it’s magically Friday. This weekend I’m running my first half marathon in a couple years. I’m simultaneously super excited and crazy nervous. The race is themed around The Oatmeal comic about running, written by a guy who loves food as much as I do. Lots of fun activities are planned throughout the course, including being chased by people in Blerch suits. However, I have not trained at all. I kept on meaning to…but the most mileage I’ve gotten in recently is four miles of running/walking (mostly walking). I’m hoping my sugar high fuels me through all 13.1 miles. And no the food will not be low FODMAPs compliant, so I’m trying to decide if the best course of action is to only eat the icing. Thoughts? While you’re musing on that, enjoy this week’s favorites.

Friday Favorites

1. Does anyone read David Lebovitz’s blog or own any of his cookbooks? He’s a pastry chef based in Paris and his recipes have never failed me. They are decadent and elevated enough to impress at any dinner party. Of course they’re guaranteed to be loaded with sugar, so I was surprised when I saw this recipe for low sugar monkey bread. When Dave himself says you won’t miss the extra sugar, I believe it!
2. Speaking of dinner parties, Nick and I are planning to throw a party to celebrate our friends’ recent engagement. We’re trying to work out a date and a theme with them. I’m currently trying to come up with a theme that allows us to use these adorable cheeseburger invites. Any ideas? Burgers + Brews = Love?
3. I’ve never been to Asia, but Mil’s sister has been living in Taiwan for a few years now and I’m always intrigued by the little bits of daily life I hear about. While it’s nowhere near Taipei, this Singapore city guide has firmly cemented my need to visit this part of the world in the near future.
4. This week, the Pumpkin Spice Latte made its return to Starbucks, with increased buzz over their new and more natural recipe. My first sip of fall in a cup had me right there with Mil, ready to break out my fall wardrobe. Herringbone and tweed are two of my favorite seasonal patterns. Kendi Everyday had a cute post this week on her need for tweed.
5. Have you heard about Naked Juice’s Drink Good. Do Good campaign? Having lived in a food desert for four years, I am passionate about providing low income communities with access to healthy food. All you have to do is take a photo of yourself holding a fruit or vegetable, tag a friend and include the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood. For every photo, Naked Juice will donate the equivalent of 10 pounds of produce to neighbors in need. Thanks SF Girl by Bay for getting this on my radar.



14 responses

  1. Good luck on your half you will do awesome! And you’ll be SO happy when you’re done 🙂

    I gotta check out David’s recipes! Love that Naked campaign, gotta do that for sure!

    Happy weekend Jules!

  2. If the marathon didn’t start so early I would totally come to watch and cheer you on. It sounds hilarious!! Also, let’s go to Singapore.

  3. Thanks for posting about that skirt Jules… I mean I am so in love with that entire tweed skirt look. And like I was telling Mil, in the last post, I am just not a pumpkin person. Don’t ask, because I don’t know what happened there. But I am so ready for fall clothes even though I’m not ready for the weather lol.

    Kia / KTS

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