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Y’all, lately life has been pretty busy. The other day I realized that we’ve now been in Seattle for 9 months and it’s crazy how quickly the time has gone by!  I thought it was high time to share an update on some of what’s been going on in my world, as of late.

Julia Malinowski Pure Barre Sherman Oaks

I feel like I’ve spent most of the last few months catching up with friends and family. I just got back from visiting my in-laws in North Carolina and have been able to spend some quality time with my mom. When I lived in Arkansas, I saw her about once a year, so it’s a nice change for her to be able to pop by every few weeks. Although to be fair, she mostly comes over to see our dogs, seeing Nick and me is just a side benefit. She refers to herself as “Grandma” and is in the process of framing a photo of her with her “grand-dogs.” Please tell me I’m not the only one whose mom is like this!

This summer a number of long-time friends came through town to visit. Friends I hadn’t seen in at least a year, if not more! I finally met my good friends’ baby, the beautiful Eleanor, and I think we hit it off pretty well considering that I was a nervous wreck during our first introduction. Babies can sense fear and respond to it. Seriously. So it was basically a miracle that by the end of their visit she let me hold her, briefly, but it still counts. I also caught up with my long-time friend Anna, who lives in LA. She’s a Pure Barre instructor, so if you’re ever in the Sherman Oaks area, be sure to stop by. Anna, Mil, and I actually all went to high school together, which is kind of crazy to think about.

Julia Malinowski Enchantment Lakes Cascade Mountains Washington

Since we recently made a big cross-country trip, Nick and I decided to keep our travel expenses pretty light this year. So no exotic summer trips to share. I did however go on an incredible backpacking trip about a month ago. I backpacked the Enchantment Lakes, a series of alpine lakes in the Cascade Mountains here in Washington. It was hands down the most challenging trek I’ve attempted to date. I’m scared of heights and one portion of the hike involved basically rock climbing up the side of the mountain. The struggle and the vertigo was real, but the payoff was worth it. The scenery was jaw-droppingly beautiful and almost otherworldly. These photos may not fully do the scenery justice, so do yourself a favor and Google image search “Enchantment Lakes.”
Other than that, my life has been comprised of the same week to week constants: work, dogs, chores, husband, and friends. My next big upcoming life events are hitting the big 3-0 in November and a trip out to New York in early December. I’m not sure how I feel about leaving my twenties behind, but I do know that I’m excited to get back to New York City. It’s been about 6 years since I lived there, so I’d love any recommendations for new spots to seek out. Also, what have you been up to lately?

Photo credits: Josh Tyack, Marie Hernandez, Kathleen Quinlen

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  1. An early congrats on turning 30. Trust me, in your 30’s, you learn so much more and honestly I feel like I look better than most in their 20’s lol. But I think you will find your 30’s are fun, you will feel like more of an adult, but the good part is you don’t lose the curious child inside. I know I didn’t and I definitely feel smarter in my 30’s. As for NYC, that’s so cool that you’re finally making it back to the city we both love. Hrm, not sure where you’ve already been but I think visiting the old staples, you used to love, is a great idea. And definitely bring a wool coat with you and be ready to deal with tourist lol.

    Kia / KTS

  2. My mother also refers to my cats as her grandchildren! She calls them here “gati-nietas,” which is basically cat granddaughters in Spanish.

    The Enchantments look so beautiful, they’re on my bucket list!

  3. I need to photoshop my face in here…though not in the hiking pictures because no one will ever believe I was there for that 😉

  4. What an exciting summer. You had a lot going on. Your mom sounds hilarious and similar to me. I’ve contenplated borrowing my neighbors dog just to play with them and take them on a walk. I love dogs.

    I totally forgot about your backpack trip. How long were you there? It looks stunning.

    I’ve only been to New York once when I was younger. I hope to go back soon with my husband, he’s never been. What is your reason for visiting? I hope something fun.

    The big 3-0! How exciting, I hear a bash coming on. 🎉

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