Friday Favorites

Happy Friday dear friends! For some of us, today kicks off a glorious three-day weekend. Unfortunately, I no longer have the luxury of bank holidays. Bummer. Speaking of time off though, this weekend I’ll be working my last Saturday for the near future! It’ll be nice to have my full weekends back during the holiday season. More time for cookie baking and merry making. This week we actually received our first holiday party invitation, which is kind of scary since I just started thinking about Halloween! Have you already started framing out your holiday plans? Have a great day and enjoy this week’s picks.



  1. I’m not a big drinker, but if I have to order something, a Dark and Stormy is one of my top picks. Mostly because I love ginger beer. This apricot twist from Coco + Kelley sounds damn delicious.
  2. This week, Forbes held their second annual Under 30 Summit featuring presenters who are making a big impact at a young age. It is awe-inspiring to see how many 20-somethings are heading up new businesses and nonprofit initiatives. I particularly enjoyed hearing Michelle Phan talk about building her business. How is she only 28?!
  3. Who doesn’t love a good DIY? This round-up of favorite beauty DIYs includes a new one for me, homemade rosewater spray. I have a rosewater toner I absolutely love, so I’m hoping to give this spray a try over the weekend.
  4. Katja, founder of the blog Travelettes, shared a nice reflection on the freedom to travel to mark the anniversary of the reunification of Germany. Particularly in the context of the immigrant crisis abroad, it’s interesting to consider what a luxury it is to be able to travel and explore. (Note, the post is in German, so you’ll have to translate the page.)
  5. Mil’s good friend Sully loves Nutella and frequently brings her signature Nutella brownies to social gatherings. She clearly needs to try out this recipe for two ingredient Nutella brownies. It sounds unbelievably fudgey and rich.



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