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Happy Friday, everybody! What are you up to this weekend? I’m visiting this haunted house with some friends, and I can’t wait for all the terrifying, scream-inducing, pants-wetting fun (just kidding about that last one…I hope). Supposedly the place has a pretty gruesome history; it’s ranked as one of the top haunted attractions in the country. Have any of you been? It was between this and zombie paintball, which was too far away (boo). Maybe next year…that gives me 365 days to convince Jules to come along! Now let’s kick off the weekend with a few fun links.

Friday Faves 10.16.15

1. Target’s latest designer collaboration launches early next year and will feature crowdsourced designs that are all under 50 bucks. Woohoo! (Brit + Co)

2. Looking for something to do for Halloween? Consult this list of spooky movies and the cocktails to pair them with. (Domino)

3. These networking tips from a Wharton professor will help you uncover the hidden potential in your “dormant ties.” (Ivanka Trump)

4. This simple yet chic hair tutorial would be equally perfect for everyday or a special occasion. (Lace & Pearls)

5. October is Sex and the City month over at The Man Repeller, so naturally one staffer has decided to spend a week as Miranda Hobbes. WWMD? (The Man Repeller)

Have a fabulous weekend!

♥ Mil

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  1. Mil you’re so sweet! I am tickled that you featured my hair tutorial in this weeks Friday Favorites. I am honored. Thank you! 😘

    This round up is of course great as usual. The new collection concept for target sounds awesome. I am excited to see how it goes.

    The networking post was very good especially the part about not burning bridges.

    I loved the Man Repeller write up on being Miranda. Hilarious!

    Have fun at the haunted house! 🎃👻

    • Thanks babe! Wasn’t the Man Repeller thing awesome? Apparently they’re also going to do the rest of the gang…Samantha in particular should be pretty interesting, haha 😉
      PS Your Halloween emojis are adorable!! You must teach me how to do that…

      • Hilarious! I should keep an eye out for the others.

        I am using the WordPress app on my phone, that is how I create the emojis. Do you use the app?

      • WordPress is so annoying as they are constantly updating. The app is not very intuitive but it works. It’s the best way for me to respond to comments and follow other WordPress bloggers in the reader. How do you manage comments? Do you use a desktop or go to site on your phone. Also, how do you know when you’ve gotten a new comment? Do you sign up for email notification? The app sends a push notification. Unfortunately, it doesn’t push notifications to me now that I am self hosted so I just have to check and see if any new comments have come through.

      • I just use my computer – and yep, I get email notifications 🙂 It’s worked pretty well so far.

  2. The haunted house sounds really great: very brave of you. Zombie paintball however sounds even better. You simply must do that next year 😀

    • Thanks Kiki! The haunted house was amazing, I would definitely recommend it (if you love being terrified)! 😉

  3. Omg you’re so brave going into a haunted house, I can’t imagine myself ever gaining the courage to do that (to my boyfriends utter disappointment, he’s been trying to drag me to one for years, last year he suggested visiting an old mental asylum!). I love the links that you shared, specially the hair tutorial!

    Take care lovely xx

    Check out my blog ❤ | ANASOFIACHIC

    • Aww thanks Ana! Ooh, an abandoned mental asylum sounds like an excellent Halloween excursion…maybe you could start out with a less scary haunted house and work your way up to the asylum 😉 Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a lovely weekend!

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