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Y’all, let me just tell you that this week it was hard to pick my favorites. Between Back to the Future Day and ALL the fall recipes and DIYs, the internet has been chock full of so much awesome. And let’s face it, with Thanksgiving and Christmas on deck, it’s only going to get better from here. This weekend I’m planning on working on a little fall DIY myself. If it turns out, I’d like to share it with you, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a good weekend and enjoy this week’s picks.
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1. Am I the only one who purposefully avoids any recipe that calls for yeast proofing? Every time I’ve tried to bake with yeast, it’s been a miserable failure. My dough doesn’t rise and I end up wasting a whole bunch of flour, butter, etc. My eyes lit up when I saw The Kitchn’s Baking School post on yeast. It’s a required read for any other timid bakers out there.
2. Nick and I are back on a Whole 30 cycle, with a few planned cheats on our upcoming trip to Portland. This of course means that all of the traditional Halloween candy is off limits, including my beloved Milky Ways. Adding this recipe for Paleo Milky Way bars to my list of treats to make 26 days from now.
3. Halloween treats are only as good as the music to which you bake them. Here’s a fun soundtrack to carry you through until the end of the month.
4. IKEA Hackers came out with an app and I’m pretty excited about it. Heads up to my friends and family, everyone is getting a FADO kitty lamp for Christmas.
5. Have you hard about the new movie I Smile Back? The film addresses women’s mental health with Sarah Silverman starring as  mother struggling with depression and anxiety. I was unsure about Sarah playing it straight until I heard her NPR interview yesterday where she shares her personal struggles with depression from a young age.


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  1. I’ve mastered exactly one recipe that involves yeast (my grandmother’s hot rolls) – it is definitely a tricky business! And that interview with Sarah Silverman is so interesting…I read another interview with the filmmaker and I definitely want to see the movie now.

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